The most confusing thing about eating healthy is knowing where to start… 

Count calories or carbs?

Use confusing calorie trackers?

Worry about cutting out all the food you love?

Spend hours reading labels in the supermarket?

And then always feeling guilty after eating something yummy?

The truth is it can be a lot easier than you think to swap your unproductive yo-yo diet with a stable healthy base which will do the following...

✅ Increase metabolism

✅ Increase energy

✅ Reduce bloating

✅ Eliminate confusion

We have all been told that eating healthy would require cooking complex meals, keeping a strict food diary and not being able to eat any food you and your family love and enjoy.

That’s why we have developed a 21 day program for regular people just like you, to eat healthier, still eat all the foods you love and not deal with complicated charts, food diaries or eating things you don’t like!

21 Day Me Vs Me Challenge

  • In the know coaches with over 30 years experience to help you work at your level no matter where you are starting

  • Fat burn secrets you wish you knew last time you tried to lose weight

  • Exclusive entry to awesome private community to support and inspire you everyday

  • 21 Day Me vs Me Challenge guaranteed to improve your health

  • Delicious recipes for all dietary requirements which are quick and easy to follow

  • Weekly live check ins to motivate you

  • Fat burning protein and vitamin shake for breakfast to set you up for the day

  • Goal setting workshop so we can roadmap to a more efficient healthy lifestyle

  • Simple actionable steps to get you focused every day

  • Beginners guide to vitamins, what's worth your pennies and what really isn't

  • A stretch program to have you touching your toes in no time (I can see you chuckle at that)

  • Portion control mastery, it will be more than you think!

  • Fat burn hacks which wont make you sweat

  • INSTANT ACCESS to get a head start before the challenge begins

  • and much, much more...


21 Days to Improve Your Health


Taking on too much is often overwhelming. We will focus on one thing at a time that sticks and becomes a new healthy habit after 21 days. If you want to change a few things, that's ok, just don't overload yourself.


We have all seen before and after pictures but the main thing is YOU see results in yourself after only a few days, best of all you FEEL so much better. (We will show you our photo album if you ask nicely).


From the experienced coaches taking you through the program, to the amazing community of the group, you will feel like a winner everyday, just for visiting the group. We all need some positivity and support, especially during transformations.



It's simple to get started, choose your bundle with automatic next day delivery then join the community.

STEP 1 - Choose your challenge bundle. You need Protein Drink Mix and Formula 1 shake as a minimum to get started. Bonus items of thermogenic (calorie burning) tea, digestion aiding Aloe and Apple Fibre Drink. Copy your order confirmation number.

STEP 2 - Join the challenger group and paste your order confirmation number from step 1 when prompted to gain access.

STEP 3 - Get ready to start your 21 Day Me Vs Me Challenge


We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to feel spectacular. Through daily coaching, healthy fat burning nutrition and an amazing community, we help you live your best life... exponentially.

Through almost three decades of combined coaching we have found the best long term results come from a mindset and habit change rather than hard discipline. All your health endeavors will be encouraged and celebrated but you wont have to do 6am runs or be having kale smoothies to succeed on our program. You will be amazed at how small, simple habits add up to a permanent results.

Losing weight insinuates you will find it again. Let's burn the fat off, make you feel great every day and have your friends say "WOW, tell me your secret!"

Simply put, we believe in giving you the tools to live happily and healthily ever after.


Purchasing your healthy nutrition challenge pack with next day delivery ensure you start your day right. Having the healthy shake for breakfast will fill you up with all the protein and nutrients you need whilst keeping your blood sugars in check. This allows you to burn fat whilst enjoying a chocolate (insert favourite flavour) milkshake. GREAT. Bonus choices to reduce bloating (Aloe Max), thermogenic fat burn (Herbal Tea) and healthy digestion (Apple Fibre) will fast track your progress.

Engaging with the online community is vital, but don't worry we keep it simple. You don't have to be a keyboard warrior to be in our gang. These community check in's allow us to coach you and keep you progressing, pick up if you need extra help and give the community the opportunity to show it's power.



Whether you are already exercising or have never touched a weight in your life, getting moving to your level is going to help you reach your goals. We will show you how.

Mobility Exercises

Stretching eases many pain issues, we will walk you through improving your flexibility gently so you can reduce joint and muscle pain.

Exercise 101

Bayes Active coaches include personal trainers so you can get top advice on how to improve your workouts.

Nutrition Calculator

Your coach will find your target calories and recommended amounts of essential nutrients for the goals you set so you know what to eat.

Recipe Suggestions

We have plenty to give away plus the strong community always have great ideas so you are never stuck wondering what to eat.


You're never alone when you're a part of Bayes Active, so you know who to go to with questions and receive coaching as well as advice from others who have succeeded before you.